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Best News of the Year!  We’re proudly present “SELENE won ‘The Winner Award’"

Best News of the Year! We’re proudly present “SELENE won ‘The Winner Award’"

December 28, 2021

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New brand 'SELENE' is awarded as the Winner of Best Beauty Influencer Campaign 2021

SELENE is a new sensory personal care brand from Srichand United Dispensary Company. The first collection is called 'Love Story' which mainly offers Perfume Body Lotion and Perfume Shower Gel. There are 3 unique scents based on 3 various lifestyles: sweet, sexy, or lively. The brand focuses on delivering exquisite 'scent' through exceptional body care products that not only boost users' energy through scent but also nourish their skin deeply from special active ingredients.

SELENE has officially launched on 21st June 2021 with a creative hybrid between online and on-ground marketing campaign called 'Scented Truck Delivery'. The idea has been pop-out in a new-normal style during the pandemic that we could not hold an event in a normal setting like Hall or event venue. So, we decided to deliver a mobile event by sending flower truck full of SELENE products to many celebrities and famous bloggers such as Bow Maylada, Nycha, Eyeta, Flukkaron, Nut Nisamanee, and many more. This creative scented truck successfully delivered special sensory experiences to influencers in a new way. Consequently, it generated a social voice among target users and built brand awareness.

From the event, the brand was nominated for Thailand Influencer Awards 2021 by Tellscore in Beauty Influencer Campaign 2021. It is such as honor to be short-listed with many other famous brands.

And on 21st October 2021, Tellscore held a live conference to announce the awarded winners in various fields. As a result of the outstanding campaign, SELENE finally won the Winner of Best Beauty Influencer Campaign 2021!

This is great news for the brand as well as the company. SELENE has been launched for 6 months so far but chosen to be short-listed and be able to win eventually. The brand would like to thank you, judges, team, celebrities, bloggers, and our beloved customers who always support the brand. We promise to continue to offer the best products with high-quality and uplift customer personal care through our 'unique scent'

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