Privacy Notice For Customers, Business Partners And Visitors

Privacy Notice for Customers, Business Partners and Visitors

Srichand United Dispensary Co., Ltd. and its affiliates including persons involved in the processing of personal data on behalf of or on behalf of Srichand United Dispensary Co., Ltd. hereinafter collectively referred to as the “company” , is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, service users, partners, business partners, visitors, whether collecting, using and/or disclosing them (collectively referred to as “Data Processing”) in order to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E 2562. Thus, the company issues this notice to inform of data about rights and duties as well as various conditions for collecting, using and disclosing personal data.

Personal data

“Personal Data” means data about an individual by which an individual can be identified whether directly or indirectly but does not include data of the deceased in particular.

1. Personal data collected by the company

While collecting and keeping personal data, the company will use lawful means and only limited to the extent necessary for the company's operating objectives which consists of

  1. Personal data such as name - surname, date of birth, age, nationality, national identification number, signature

  2. Contact information such as address, telephone number, e-mail

  3. Contact information of official documents such as a copy of ID card, house registration, copy of passport, or other official documents which can be identified

  4. Financial information such as copy of bank passbook and credit card number

  5. Data collected by the company or automated systems from the company's devices such as IP Address, Cookie, service behavior, order history, photos, images and/or video from surveillance cameras

The company will collect personal data with the consent of the personal data subject except in the following cases

  1. To comply with the contract in the case of collecting, using or disclosing personal data for the purpose of providing services or complying with the contract between the data subject and the company

  2. To prevent or suppress danger to life, body or health

  3. To comply with the law

  4. For the legitimate interests of the company in case of necessity for the legitimate interests of the company's operations, the company will consider the rights of the data subject as priority such as for the fraud prevention, network security protection of freedom and the benefit of the owner of the data, etc.

  5. For research studies or statistics in the case of historical documents or archives for the public benefit or those related to research or statistics which provide appropriate safeguards to protect the rights and freedom of data subjects

  6. To perform state missions in the event that it is necessary to carry out the mission for the public interest or the performance of duties under the powers of the state that the company has been assigned

2. Data source

  1. Receive directly from the data subject that has been provided in activities such as participating in promotional activities, applying for membership, subscribing to data and participating in marketing activities, and storing data for office or factory contacts.

  2. Data from automated systems, such as images and/or video from surveillance cameras.

  3. Data from other sources, such as public data, partner agency, or affiliated companies

Purpose of processing personal data

The company may use personal data for the following purposes or for other purposes notified at the time of collecting the data or for which you have given consent after the company has collected the data.

  1. To enter into a contract or perform duties under the contract between the company and the data subject or perform duties under contracts between the company and third parties for the benefit of the data subject.

  2. To answer questions and provide assistance to data subjects

  3. To develop and improve the company's products, products and services to better respond to the needs of the data subject.

  4. To provide data and recommend products, services or public relations for marketing campaigns or benefits through contact channels received from the data subject as the data subject has given consent.

  5. To survey opinions, analyze, conduct research and produce statistical data for marketing or the development and improvement of the company's operations as the data subject has given consent.

  6. For the benefit of administering or operating the company's internal operations necessary under the legitimate interests.

  7. To inspect, supervise and secure the company's buildings or premises.

  8. To comply with laws related to the operations of the company, such as withholding tax,

  9. To provide data to government agencies with statutory authority as requested by government agencies such as the National Police Anti-Money Laundering Office, Revenue Department, as well as Courts.

  10. To carry out any accounting and financial activities such as auditing accounts, notification and collection of debt, the exercise of various welfare rights, taxes and evidence of transactions as required by law.

  11. For the legitimate interests of the company, such as recording complaints via the Call Center system, recording images via CCTV cameras.

  12. For investigation and compliance with laws, rules, regulations or legal duties of the company.

  13. Use the data to verify the identity of the customer.

  14. Other purposes with your explicit consent.

3. Transmission and disclosure of personal data.

The company will not disclose and forward your personal data to outside agencies except with your consent or in accordance with the following cases.

  1. To achieve the purposes stated in this Privacy Notice, the company may be required to disclose or share only as necessary data with partners, service providers or external entities, such as providing data technology services, data recording service, audit service, payment service, postal service, parcel delivery service, printing service, insurance service, data analysis service, research services, marketing or any other services that may be of interest to you or related to the company's business operations, etc. The company will enter into a personal data processing agreement as required by law.

  2. The company may disclose or share personal data with its affiliates. It will only process the data for the purposes stated in this Privacy Notice.

  3. The law or legal process requires disclosure or disclosure to the official government officials or a competent authority to comply with a lawful order or request.

4. The transmission and transfer of data to foreign countries

The company may transmit or transfer personal data abroad. This will ensure that the destination country or the destination authority has adequate standards of protection for personal data.

5. Protection of personal data

The company will take technical measures and appropriate management to protect and secure your personal data as it provides encryption for transmitting data over the Internet and controls access to your personal data only for those involved both in the part of the data stored in the form of documents and electronic.

6. Storage duration

The company will only collect your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the processing in accordance with the purposes of this notice. Unless it is necessary to keep personal data for any other reason, such as to comply with the law or investigate disputes, the company may be required to retain data for a longer period than specified.

7. Changes to the Privacy Notice

The company may amend this Privacy Notice by posting it on the company's website , and other channels with the date of the latest amendment. The company recommends that you check this announcement regularly. Your continued use of the products or services on the company's website after a change to the Privacy Notice will constitute your acceptance of the changed notice.

8. Rights of personal data subject

You can apply for various rights as required by law and as stated in this announcement as follows:

  1. The right to request access and obtain a copy of personal data or request to disclose the source of personal data of employees (right of access)

  2. The right to edit current data to become current and correct data (right to rectification)

  3. The right to obtain personal data or request that the personal data be transmitted or transferred to another personal data controller (right to data portability) in the event that the company has made the personal data in a form readable or generally usable by means of automatic device or tool and can use or disclose personal data in an automated way.

  4. The right to request erasure or destruction or make personal data non-personally identifiable (right to erasure) when the data becomes unnecessary or when the data subject withdraws their consent.

  5. The right to restrict processing (right to restriction of processing) in the event that personal data needs to be deleted or when such data is no longer necessary.

  6. The right to withdraw consent (right to withdraw consent) to process data you have previously provided.

  7. The right to object. The owner of the personal data has the right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of the data at any time.

  8. Right to lodge a complaint. If you have any concerns or questions about the company's practices in relation to your personal data, please contact the company using the contact details set out in clause 9 of the notice. In the event that there is a reason to believe that the company has violated or failed to comply with the law on personal data protection, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Committee in accordance with the rules and procedures prescribed by the law on personal data protection.

However, the company reserves the right to consider the request for the exercise of your rights and act in accordance with the law on personal data protection.

9. Contact us

Details of the Data Controller

Name : Srichand United Dispensary Co., Ltd.

Contact address : 50 Rama 9 Soi 53 Rama 9 Road, Phatthanakan Subdistrict, Suan Luang District, Bangkok 10250

Contact method : Telephone : (+662) 718 3183-7,

Upon any questions or wishes to correct, delete data, exercise rights or contact other matters relating to your data, please contact via the contact channels below.

Details of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Name : Data Protection Officer

Contact address : Srichand United Dispensary Co., Ltd. 50 Rama 9 Soi 53, Rama 9 Road, Phatthanakan Subdistrict, Suan Luang District, Bangkok 10250

Contact method : Telephone : (+662)718 3183-7 (Office hours 09.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m.) ,

Email :

Announced on 16 June 2021