Srichand Powder; the 66-year-old  Thai Cosmetics brand Srichand powder is well known in Thailand for its old-school beauty products. But eight years ago, Rawit Hanutsaha, 35, stepped in to his family business and modernized it with bold new branding. It worked. Within three months of the relaunch, his brand saw 100-percent sales growth. He shares what it takes for a successful product makeover.

What brought him back to the family business? He lived a fast-pace lifestyle unitl one day he happened to be at my grandfather’s factory and saw the old-school way everything operated. Coming from an international finance firm, it got on my nerves. There was not  a computer in sight.; everything was done with pen and paper. It made me worry that, if i didn’t step in to modernize things, my grandfather’s business would be lost forever. Even my first client said it was a miracle the our brand still exist.

Why did he go for such a drastic rebrand? Rawit said “I wanted to make a cool Thai brand out of my grandfather’s legacy. I think our country is pretty resourceful and Thai designer are in high demand right now. The big shopping malls are putting Thai products on sale quite often. We should be proud of our heritage products. We used to rely on old customers from the Southern and Northeastern parts of Thailand, but now our product sits on the shelf in Watsons. We’re also the only cosmetic company with a Thai name on sale at Eve & Boy, Siam Square.

A lot of people told him to change the name. But he didn’t agree. He thinks Thai name makes “Srichand” unique. Everything at Eve & Boy has a japanese or Korean name–the onlu Thai name Srichand might remind people of their old grandmother’s favorite beauty powder, but i personally believe the Srichand brand know Thai women’s skin best.

What have he learned from the rebranding process? New business owners should hold on to their dream no matter what happens. It’s the easiest thing to forget when you have to overcome hard times. Things will fall apart and it’s only you who can piece them back together. Sometimes, success and failure are just one step away from each other. Be fearless, keep moving forward.