Rawit Hanutsaha said that the business owner can’t let the business run by itself through the market condition, socialization or the team in an organization because if we do so one day we will find some young new guy disrupt our business model and that can make us collapse. On the other hand, if we spend some time for improving or developing new things, so no Whatever you do if you want to make your dream comes true you need to stay focus and put a lot of effort on it, please don’t feel that it is hard to achieve this and just give up, you have to be diligent and some days you dream will actually comes true.

“Thai people loves short cut and i want to say that there is no short cut, it has only this hard way. On the other hand, it has some strategies to make you go easier which is studied techniques from people who pass it before.

The most important thing is not only go for the success in life and leave our happiness between that.

“Human life is short, between the way of your dreams or anything, keep harvest the happiness all along, don’t go by rack yourself and choose to work in the field that you love. I don’t agree on working 14 hours/day and leave your friends and family behind, i don’t think it is the right way of life.”

This interview was published by GM Magazine Vol. 29, April 2015