Rawit Hanutsaha, Managing Director of “Srichand Scented Powder” decided to continue working on family business by rebrand the product and reach the new target group of customer through online media. It’s a great success both on sales and image of the brand. Rawit receive the 10th Bai Po Award by Sasin which is a great honour of all Thai SMEs. This award created to honour thai business that make an obvious different in the business model by Sasin Business Administration collaborate with SCB Bank.

Srichand Company received Sasin award of Adaptability to changes, Customer Focus, Branding. Rawit Hanutsaha describe about the challenge that he has faced since the first day.

“ 6 years ago that i first came in the company we don’t even have the computer, so i started manage the organization system to be professional. I applied the knowledge and technologies with our factory and using SAP system to help manage the business.

Moreover, brand image is also the important driving force for the company to stability grow. Rawit doesn’t choose to guest what customer needs.

“I did Market Research and found that Srichand’s product weakness is on the image of the product that look old fashionable, i believe that if we still do the same thing, this same thing will happened. I invested big time, risking for the rebrand and i have the opportunity to work with the professional from different field which i consider myself that i am the smallest SMEs that they ever worked with. So the most important things that we’ve change is the name of “Srichand Scented Powder” becomes “Srichand Powder”.

Rawit give the first priority to the R&D part because he intended to give the best quality product or better quality than import product to his customer. Every step of the production process was carefully monitor. Now Srichand’s product is release in almost every convenience store 7-11,watsons,drug stores.

This interview was published by BangkokBizNews