Most of Thai people may have known “Srichand Scented Powder” because its product was launched for more than 60 years. The new young generation might not have a chance to try or actually use it before effect by the old fashion name of the product “Srichand Scented Powder”. Srichand never stop developed and improved itself so “Srichand Scented Powder” was rebranded to become more fashionable. Srichand satisfied its customer needs by this major rebranding, it’s a great success.

Today, we would like to introduce “Srichand Tanaka Powder” produced by Srichand United Dispensary Co.,Ltd which receive “The best innovation of the country” in economic for 7 Innovation Awards 2015, awarded that CP All Public Co. and another 10 top organizations in Thailand collaborate to find the best innovations products or service of SMEs company that combine knowledge, innovation and creation to increase the value of products or services. “Srichand Tanaka Powder” reach the sales of 30 million Baht in the first year that product was launched

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