“Srichand Scented Powder” or Srichand started in 1948 by “Mr. Pong Hanutsaha” imported medicines and cosmetic to sell in the store around “Wang Burapha”.

In that period of time “ผงหอมศรีจันทร์” was the only product that produce by themselves from the herb and customer loved this product. The strength of the product were oil control and scented likewise others product the popularity change when the time had change.

From interviewing with “Mr. Rawit Hanutsaha” 3rd generation of Srichand United Dispensary found that their regular customer were satisfied on the product but shy to tell others about the product or brand. The old customer didn’t know the benefit of using Srichand which makes Mr. Rawit realized that the brand was lack of communicate to the customer about the good brand image. Eventhough Mr. Rawit use the marketing strategy to helped, stills the sales target increase only a short period of time. New perspective of brand and customer perception on Srichand brands is a new alternative way that Srichand looks for.

Source : http://bit.ly/18hKeZ9