“If we change nothing, we might not survive in this dynamic world. So it is my duty and challenge to recover our family business to become successful.”

When the family business that exist for more than 60 years is nearly collapse Mr. Rawit Hanutsaha, grandson who is resolute and brave enough to jump into this company’s situation to improve and change “Srichand Scented Powder” to a whole new look and perspective to become successful. It was proved by receiving more that 100 million Baht in sales.

The old fashionable cosmetic which is now 66 years old, the product of “Srichand Scented Powder” that was received a bad insult in the year of 2006 now recover by the 3rd generation, Mr. Rawit Hanutsaha with the age of 27 years old in that time decided to resign from his job and make a move of the family business as a Managing Director of Srichand United Dispensary Co.,Ltd. His grandfather set up this company since 1948 and this business is not improving through the time of the world so it’s make the business live just only to survive.

“My grandfather founded this company so if we change nothing, we might not survive in this current world. So it is my duty and challenge to recover our family business to become successful.”

The working conditions in the company for the first year that Mr. Rawit took care of, they don’t have the computer and all the documents were writing by hand because the company was not improve and stay still for a long time. Mr.
Rawit Hanutsaha use all his knowledge of engineering,finance and marketing to develop this company. He used 2 years after that to reconstruct the system and divided the business into 2 models.

He started to improve and created the strong structure inside the organization. At the same time he also prove himself to the employee that he is ready to take everyone to step forward together. He believes that the personal relationship with customer is very important so he was going around the country to meet almost all the customer of the company.

“There was some resist when I inform them of changing the organization. Some of the employee who stayed with us for more than 50 years is not open for the new things and also not believe in new system. I have to learn on every step and take actions but still submissive to them to show my intention.” Mr. Rawit said.

The outside organization improvement which is rebrand the image of “ผงหอมศรีจันทร์” from the old fashionable cosmetic to the new generation brand has 3 main strategies.

Positioning from the old fashionable product to become trendy cosmetic by change all the packaging to increase the alternative for the customer. Then change the name of the brand from “ผงหอมศรีจันทร์” to “Srichand” for supporting new potential product that is not only in powder section. After that producing new product such as sun screen, press powder etc. Our best quality brand new oil control product which is Translucent loose powder that has collaborated with NANOTECH on research and improve the formula even the design of the packaging and commercial advertising creation.

This rebranding consumed over 70 million baht to satisfy the new generation needs by this 3 main strategies.

“We are not only change the packaging by Refreshing brand but we are changing the perspective of the customer on our brand from usage product to emotional product to catch a larger and younger group of customer”.

Mr.Rawit accepted that before this rebranding almost all of the customer were up-country women with 35 years old and above. So this rebranding targeting on enlarge the target group into a city girl with 20 years old and above.

When the target group is teenager, online media is very important. Mr. Rawit emphasize this online media which promoting through the website and all the social media, for example, In 2014 he used 25% of the whole year marketing budget or about 10-15 million baht. In 2013, he launched the campaign of “Srichand Lady” which very success through the social media.

Moreover, Mr. Rawit use himself to be the marketing strategies of the brand because his face remind people of “Srichand”. At the same time he markets the product by focus on modern trading started from selling product through 7-Catalog, then distribute the product to 7-eleven about 3,500 brunches. He also gives away the sample product to draw the intention from new group of customers.

From Mr. Rawit hard working affect on the status of “Srichand” old fashionable product to increase customer in the city from almost 0% of market share to 25% and unlock the age of 35 years and above to reach 20% of teenagers. In 2014, Srichand reached the revenue of 300 million baht and He set the goal of his business to grow at least 30-40% each year.

However the great and near mission of “ Rawit Hanutsaha” is to create “Srichand” organization to be the strong SMEs. He hope to make the revenue of 500 million baht by the next 2 years and bring the organization into a stock market in 2020 to be a professional organization. Little success …through letters.

“Rawit Hanutsaha” 36 years old, bachelor degree, Faculty of engineering, major of electrical engineering, Chulalongkorn University. Master degree, MBA in Finance, Vanderbilt University, USA.

When he graduated and moved back to Thailand, he spend years working on finance field for HSBC bank and Citibank. He likes this work field a lot and think that he would work in this field forever but his family business nearly collapse so he have to take charge and recover his family business.

He used 8 years to recover this business and admit that he found a lot of obstacle. He loves to read especially a finance book so he use his little free time to rewrite all the optimism and pessimism of business into his pocket book to introduce new perspective to others on business.

His first published was “Marketing Everything! feedback from reader through this book is very good and it became a best seller books in short time after published. In 2014, he also forwarded his experience through the book named “A THINKER’S GUIDE TO THE MOON”.

“Every time that I have a chance to share my experience as both speaker and writer, I hope that would create little inspiration to others people to use it in their own business”.

Now Mr. Rawit is a Managing Director of 3 companies, Srichand United Dispensary, H2O, and Sasi Lab, a columnist for several magazines and a SMEs speaker sharing his knowledge and experience for both government and private sector.

Source: http://goo.gl/Gf5apC