“If we change nothing, we might not survive in this current world. So it is my duty and challenge to recover our family business to become successful.”

Positioning from the old fashionable product to become trendy cosmetic by change all the packaging to increase the alternative for the customer. Then change the name of the brand from “ผงหอมศรีจันทร์” to “Srichand” for supporting new potential product that is not only in powder section. After that producing new product such as sun screen, press powder etc. Our best quality brand new oil control product which is Translucent loose powder that has collaborated with NANOTECH on research and improve the formula even the design of the packaging and commercial advertising creation.

“We are not only change the packaging by Refreshing brand but we are changing the perspective of the customer on our brand from usage product to emotional product to catch a larger and younger group of customer”.  Mr.Rawit accepted that before this rebranding almost all of the customer were up-country women with 35 years old and above. So this rebranding targeting on enlarge the target group into a city girl with 20 years old and above.

Moreover Mr. Rawit use himself to be the marketing strategies of the brand because his face remind people of “Srichand”. At the same time he marketing the product by focus on modern trading for 90%. From Mr. Rawit hard working affect on the status of “Srichand” old fashionable product to increase the number of customer in the city and make the revenue of 300 million baht. He hope to make the revenue of 500 million baht by the next 2 years and bring the organization into a stock market in 2020 to be a professional organization.

This interview was published by Komchadluek