Srichand United Dispensary Co., Ltd. was founded in 1942 by Mr. Phong Hanutsaha. The company has three main businesses. These are Chemical Trading, Cosmetics and Herbal Medicines. Since 2006, Mr. Rawit Hanutsaha has inherited the company and expand to the global market.

At present , Srichand has 3 main business units which are

Import/distribute chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials

Srichand United Dispensary Co., Ltd. specializes in sourcing high quality raw material from any part of the world. Moreover, the company is authorized as sole distributor from manufacturer in Europe and Asia to satisfy both Private and Government sector.


From more than 60 years of experience in Thailand, Srichand has developed products based on its expertise and modern science to meet customer satisfaction not only in Thailand market but also ASEAN market. Srichand wants to be one of the key players that drive beauty market in Thailand, influencing other Thai brand that local brands can compete with international brands.

Herbal Medicine

To inherit local herbal medicine in Thailand, Srichand United Dispensary Co., Ltd. launched a brand named Srichand Osot. Srichand Osot meticulously choose the herbal ingredients to manufacture medicines that can satisfy consumers who indulge to a natural medicine and can guarantee safety of usage to consumers.


  • Mr. Phong Hanutsaha founded “United Dispensary” which manufacture and sell pharmaceutical products in liquid form. Later on, the company has acquired the formula and business of Srichand Scented Powder from Dr. Leng Srichand and changed the name to “Srichand United Dispensary”

  • The company was registered as a Limited Partnership company

  • Registered as Company Limited and changed the name to Srichand United Dispensary Co., Ltd.

  • Relocated the factory from Wangburapha to Ladprao 64

  • GMP certified for pharmaceutical facility

  • Authorized as sole distributor in Thailand of William Ransom PLC (England), one of the leading companies in manufacturing natural extracts

  • Rebranded Srichand Scented Powder and had the first brand ambassador, K. Aeh Issariya Saisanun

  • Authorized as sole distributor in Thailand of Wanbury Limited (India), the number one manufacturer of medicine for diabetes in the world

  • Increased production capacity for cosmetics products by expanding the production facility and relocated the head office to Rama 9 road

  • Authorized as sole distributor in Thailand of Beijing Gingko Group (China), the second largest manufacturer of licorice extract in the world

  • Certified and allowed to utilize “HALAL” Emblem for Srichand Powder by The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand

  • Received Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

  • Launched new product named “Srichand Tanaka”

  • Awarded most promising brand marketing, SME Thailand Inno Awards 2013

  • Awarded Bronze prize in category Best Use of Social Media, Adman Awards

  • Rebranded “Srichand Scented Powder” which had been used for 68 years to “Srichand”

  • Launched one of its most famous product named “Srichand Translucent Powder”, oil control loose powder

  • Launched brand “Srichand Baby” with its first product called “Baby Powder”

    Awarded Bai Po Business Awards by Sasin Year 10

  • Awarded Best Economics impact from 7 Innovation Awards 2015

    Marie Claire Best Beauty Award

Vision & Mission

Our company was build on very simple belief which are to make the best things for the people at the most affordable price possible and to keep the proudness of being “Thai” in every element of doing so.

We might start off as a small company but I strongly believe that we will grow in an exponential rate and be a key regional player in years to come. To prove our determination, we are working on listed our company in Stock Exchange of Thailand before year 2020.

Rawit Hanutsaha
Managing Director

Core Values

“ where Thai become coolness ”




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Our Brands

Srichand Professional

Srichand Professional is the brand dedicated to raw material and pharmaceutical business our clients are mainly government sector, hospitals and pharmaceuticals factories. We sourced best ingredients from all around the globe to serve their needed.



From the birth of Srichand powder almost 70 years ago, it has been told that this miracle formula help cure pimples rashes and reduce absorb excess oil of faces. From that day to present, Srichand still keep its original formula as well as using cutting edge technology to develop even more effective formula to ensure that our products are best suitable for oily skin.

The uniqueness of Srichand comes from the art of combination of ancient eastern beautification method and cutting edge nanotechnology which results in a very uniquie products.

Srichand Baby

The original Srichand powder was also used to cure diaper rashes as well, we saw this opportunity therefore we develop another formula which is more suitable for babies. Recently launched in 2014, Srichand Baby Powder and Srichand Baby Cream and the two new added product line up.

The product itself is very unique with the active ingredient from Switzerland, this is not an original baby powder and cream. It’s effectiveness are far beyond normal baby’s products.